The Top WordPress Themes for Blogging

The Top WordPress Themes for Blogging 1

Since the start of the year, innumerable online bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs grew more interested in the blogging themes provided by the notorious platform of WordPress. WordPress does indeed provide its users base with a huge variety of blogging themes that help them share, discuss and document their daily lives, talents and passions.

There are WordPress blogging themes for personal content, fashion and style, travel, photography, makeup, food and many other categories. Each blog theme by WP has a bundle of features and characteristics that make it easier for the user to create an individualized and unique blog or website. And of course there are both free and premium themes with the premium editions offering the user more abilities to customize and control the blog and how its content is shown. Choosing the right blogging theme for your WordPress will definitely help you attract a bigger audience and achieve better results when it comes to SEO.

Jevelin theme

WordPress offers thousands of themes that suit multiple purposes and websites, yet there are some blog themes that stand out and are appreciated much more than others. The “Jevelin” theme is for example one of the top blogging themes; it’s easy to use, innovative, has a friendly user interface, responsive and simple. “Jevelin” is a multi-functional theme and is customizable by the user himself. Moreover, the theme has got a bundle of readymade layouts, demos, webpage templates and other features that make launching a blog easy and convenient. It’s also particularly applauded by many bloggers and influencers who found the WP theme to be an effortless and efficient way to publish and share their stories, thoughts, experiences, photographs and videos.

Newspaper theme

Furthermore, the WP blog theme of “Newspaper” is one of the best-selling themes at the moment; it has a professional design that suits travel and fashion bloggers – for example! The “Newspaper” theme has also 50 demos, advertising system and integrated translations amongst other features. Plus the theme comes with header and footer options, fully-functional documentation features and Flex Block elements.

Divi theme

Another multi-functional blog theme is “Divi” which has a clean and simple design with nearly no distractions. It has a social media support system and is Retina-ready! Additionally, the “Divi” theme is highly responsive and flexible, and comes with many features to increase engaging levels.

Gillion theme

Then there’s the WP “Gillion” theme that’s considered to be a special one for blogs and online magazines! The theme is equipped with a unique, responsive design and an empowering user interface. On top, “Gillion” has a premium support team and Google Analytics support as well. And there are many blog layouts to choose from and the theme is a SEO-friendly one and is translation-ready.

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