How to Secure my Website: Best WordPress Security Plugins

How to Secure my Website: Best WordPress Security Plugins 1

Since the start of 2019, online security and protection categories and methods have been severely tackled by innumerable WordPress customers who are always seeking to empower their sites and blogs with the best security features and measures in order to fight back cyber attacks and breaching attempts.

Nowadays, there are indeed a huge variety of WordPress security and protection plugins that provide the customers everywhere with unique levels of safety; however each and every WordPress customer needs to purchase and install the right security plugin in accordance with his requirements and needs.

WordPress Security Plugins You Need:

For instance, security plugins such as “Sucuri Security” and “Wordfence” are very popular and are deemed functional by the WordPress users in order to keep their sites safe and secure, and their hard work and content intact and preserved.

WP Fail2Ban

There is also the “WP Fail2Ban” security plugin that’s characterized mainly with providing protection from brute force attacks; this plugin is somehow a documentation tool that informs the site’s owner with each and every authorized and unauthorized login attempts so that he can prepare some countermeasures to any suspicious activities. “WP Fail2Ban” has been appreciated by many users and it’s a very sufficient and instant security tool upon installation with nearly no flaws.

WP Fail2Ban

All In One WP Plugin

In addition, the “All In One WP Security and Firewall” plugin is one of the preferred and effective security bundles to solidify your WordPress and save its content. This famous plugin is also a favorite for beginners and newbies who find it to be meticulously detailed, self-explanatory and easy to manage. “All In One” informs the WordPress user with the level of his site’s security strength in order to amp it up if it’s weak or insufficient. It also provides protection for the user’s accounts and blocks unwanted and unauthorized login attempts.

All In One WP Plugin

Jetpack WordPress Plugin

And let’s not forget about the “Jetpack” plugin that’s very famous for many WordPress users since it offers multiple protection measures such as spam protection and social media strengthening processes. “Jetpack” is actually an optimal choice for WordPress customers who want more security features for less money. This plugin also presents malware detection, restoration features, whitelists, blocking measures and content backups amongst others. However, “Jetpack” is both free and premium depending on the site’s owner and his priorities; the premium plugin brings about some extra protection by obeying the user’s commands whenever he needs immediate scanning session, spam detection or backups. Most importantly, the WordPress customer won’t be needing another plugin whilst “Jetpack” is fully functional for this plugin carries out all the hard work with no assistance at all.


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